Real Estate Investing Tip

From Rich Dad’s Real Estate Advantages (paraphrasing):

It’s important to have a team to help you.  Find a good lawyer and accountant.  Don’t get your law advice from an account or your accounting advice from your lawyer.

Go to local investment and real estate meetings.  These can be found in real estate publications, bulletin boards at collages, online, etc.  Ask realtors as they may also know the time and location of these meetings.

When there, meet people smarter than yourself who are into the same type of investing you want to get into and work to get them to mentor you.  Make sure to exchange something equally valuable (food, work, etc).

Datsun 510 Stuff

I’ve wanted to do a 510 for a while now.  If Garage Tune ends up getting new shop space, I’ll be picking up a 510 that’s for sale locally and beginning a new resto/mod build!  I just wanted to make some notes of some of the parts so I didn’t forget.

Radiator For Datsun 510 with SR20DET Engine Swap with Shroud & Fan

Solid Aluminum Cross member For Datsun 510 Supporting SR20DET Or KA24DE Swap

Silicon Radiator Hose For Datsun 510 with SR20DET Engine Swap

Thick Polished 304 Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets For Datsun 510 Rear Bumper

Aluminum Suspension kit For DATSUN 510, 6 pcs Set

SR20DE (non-turbo) Motorset w/Tranny (~1400 shipped on ebay)

Techno Toy Tuning’s 510 Parts Page

Extrudabody KIT: Nissan SR20DE/SR20DET ITBs

Summit Racing® Pro Sport Fuel Cells SUM-290112

Fab Auto 510 Parts Page