Quick Update

I got my wheels and tires mounted and balanced today.  I’m really happy with the slight stretch on the tires, and how they look.  They are also only about 1cm smaller in outer diameter than the existing tires so my speed’o will register a little higher than actual speed, but I’m fine with that.  I also got another water temp probe fitting, and some subframe spacers from PBM.


Rarity (1989 Nissan 240sx) 2012 02 11 (Parts Update)

Sooo it’s been a bit more than a week.  I’ve got the car titled, registered, and insured.  I also picked up some parts, and began stripping off the tint, and fixed a couple things.  I replaced the leaking fuel line that goes to the fuel filter, though I still need to fix the return line on the tank side.  I also replaced a missing bolt on the driveshaft.  I fixed the headlights and turn signals (though they still don’t go up on their own yet), and some of the interior wiring.  I’ve got some more parts on their way and they should arrive this week.  When they do, I’ll have a big crazy part party and throw all this stuff on..


Updates and Scope of Work

Alright, so I’ve recently purchase a TON of parts to get this car ready to work for me a as a daily.  Here is the scope of work (SOW) for the next big run of parts.

  1. Install new bolt on drive shaft
  2. Drive to Jonny’s
  3. Pull drive shaft and install new carrier bearing
  4. Install missing tranny bolts
  5. Install new tranny mount
  6. Install trunk mount battery box
  7. Replace leaky fuel line
  8. Drive to exhaust shop and have them build me a custom exhaust
  9. Mount and balance wheels/tires

I think this will be a Friday/Saturday project.  If I drop the car off early Saturday morning at the exhaust shop, they should be done with it by Saturday afternoon.

The next big SOW will probably be the following day, or weekend, and will include:

  1. Pull off old wheels/tires
  2. Pull off shocks/springs
  3. Pull off RUCAs/Tie Rods/Torsion Rods/TC Rods
  4. Install new RUCAs/Tie Rods/Torsion Rods/TC Rods
  5. Install new coilovers
  6. Install new wheels
  7. Check fitment
  8. Adjust height/roll fenders/etc

I think once I complete all of this stuff, the car will make a GREAT daily.  I’ll still have to do some little things like new tint (as I’ve almost got all the old stuff removed), new seats, new steering wheel, new carpet, switch panel, and new stereo system (this is a daily, deal with it).  Once I finish that stuff, it should be good to go for a while until I KA-T it.

Today’s Progress

Sooo today Laura and I started stripping the window tint off.  We managed to get the drivers and passenger side door windows clean from the old purple tint.  Stripping old tint off is the worst.

Once we finished that, I fixed the gas leak I found the other day.  I thought that it was missing a hose clamp, but it turns out the hose was just old and cracked.  I pulled it off and got some new fuel line.

It idles and runs a bit better, though the engine still races a bit at idle.  I’ll get it figured out.

Once I get the tint off the windows, I’ll take some more pictures.

Rarity (1989 Nissan 240sx) 2012 02 03 (Before)

So I picked up another 240 for the ‘shop car’ so to speak.  It’s an 89 240sx.  The previous owner had it for 7 years, had a freshly rebuilt dual cam and new tranny installed, and then let it sit for 2 years, unable to really complete it due to money issues.

I went and picked it up the other day for a decent price, put some new wheels on it, and limped it home.  The interior is junk, the electronics need work, exhaust is leaking, fuel lines are leaking, battery cables are crap… it just needs love.. Either way the body is at about 95% and the engine is wonderful.


It Begins Again!

Soooo I’ve picked up another 240.  This will be my third.  A 1989 Nissan 240sx Coupe, two-tone blue/gray.  According to the previous seller, it’s got a new motor and tans.  It’s difficult to verify that of course, but it does run quite well.  The previous owner dropped the ka24de in, and then it sat for 2 years.  I fear there’s probably a bunch of gunk in the injectors after that, but oh well.. I’ll deal with it.

We (Jonny, Laura, and I), went and picked it up last night.  I had to go during the day and get a new wheel for it as it essentially had 4 flat tires.  two of which couldn’t hold air at all.  I got one new tire, and with the donut on, we drove it home.  On the way home we discovered that it was pretty much out of gas, and the steering column wasn’t really bolted in at all.  There was also quite a shake in the drive-line somewhere.  I believe that it either isn’t tightened down properly, or they put it back on improperly.  I’ll get it figured out.  It also wouldn’t idle quite right, the flip-ups didn’t go up, and the blinkers didn’t work.

Today we (Laura and I), got the passenger seat bolted in (as it was completely unbolted), got the blinkers working, got the steering column bolted back up, and discovered a fuel leak due to a missing hose clamp (probably the cause of the crappy idle, but maybe not).  We also spent a few minutes, and scraped off the ‘for sale’ crap from the front and rear windows.

I will say that I’m pretty impressed how decent the interior is.  The dash is thrashed, but the seats aren’t bad (compared to other 240′s this age), the carpet is pretty good, console is decent, and everything is electric and works (I’d prefer manual and no sunroof, but it is what it is).