Scary Stuff – Getting ready to buy another home

I’ve finally got everything in place to start house shopping again.  I’ve got to admit, it’s a little intimidating.  While I feel like I shouldn’t have any issues, it’s always a little scary going in to apply for a mortgage, signing a billion papers, putting offers on houses, etc.

Either way, this is the beginning of my whole ‘investment property’ idea, so wish me luck!

Furnishing the 20′ x 20′ Layout for a 40′ Container

  • ~160 sq ft of floor
  • ~160 sq ft of ceiling
  • ~456 sq ft of walls
  • ~68 sq ft of back wall in garage area
Flooring: approx. $530
Walls/Ceiling: approx. $877
Windows & Doors: approx. $620
Exterior: approx. $1400